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Born and raised on the Swedish countryside, Terese has always used nature as an inspiration

in her work. She focuses on organic elements, using delicate lines and patterns in her illustrations.

Terese has studied Art History, Information Design with focus on Illustration, Graphic Design and

Fine Arts in Sweden and in the US. Having learned Art from a broader perspective has given her

valuable insight when developing her own work as well as in teaching.

Her teaching style emphasizes the creative process using different artists, mediums and techniques 

as inspiration to uplift creative freedom and encourage self expression. Each student is given the

opportunity to explore, discover, invent and own their work. Art is an excellent arena to push boundaries

and expand the way of thinking. 

"Lines, textures and colors create patterns that can be brought into a blank page and become our own 

interpretation of what we see. I found this to be especially fascinating in nature, where no two patterns

are alike. The space in between what we see and what we express is an intriguing process".  

- Terese 

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