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A R T My Version Of...

This class series was founded with the purpose of giving a well rounded experience of theory and practice of art, by introducing one artist per class. The heavy focus lays on the hands on projects, where students get to create their own version of the selected artist's work while being exposed to different mediums and techniques. These classes are structured to give your child a brief insight in art history with the main purpose to inspire. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their work and explore their own creativity without judgement. 

The selection of artists is based on art movement, culture, medium and gender. The artists serve as an inspiration for color, technique, texture, medium, and new thinking. Each project is carefully balanced to give your child both instruction and creative freedom.

To inquire more information about this program email: 


Single Workshops

edestam ART offers single workshops for adults at GUILD Studio on occasion. 

"Three women - three classes - three mediums" is an example of a class series, where three significant artists were presented (Hannah Hoch, Yayoi Kusama and Louise Nevelson), followed

by a hands on project inspired by the artists' works.  Another workshop included two artist couples presented (Elaine and Willem de Kooning and Ray and Charles Eames).


Each workshop lasts about 2 hours and all materials are included in the fee. Suitable for all levels. 


For more information, please contact


Can't come to Art class? - Then Art class can come to you!



You can purchase an Art Kit from the class series ART My Version of... For yourself or as a gift.   

Each Art kit includes information about a selected artist, art materials for your project and a step-by-step support (instruction) with room for creative freedom. You can DIY or together with a friend. This is a nice way to get exposed

to art history, explore new mediums and be creative. 


Recommended age: 5 and up. 

Artist of the month: SERGEY Malyutin

Design your very own version of Sergey Malyutin's 'Matryoshka nesting dolls'!  


In this kit you will receive information about Malyutin, instructions and four wooden nesting dolls,

gouache paint and thin brushes.


$35/kit. Free shipping within USA. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

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