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About this exhibition

Each piece was created in one uninterrupted moment, allowing space for reflection and personal expression.

The titles of these pieces serve as a bridge between the visual and the viewer.


This Moment reflects the past couple of years in Covid, filled with scattered moments and shifting in routines we all have involuntarily faced and been pulled into. My hope with this exhibit is that you as a viewer will find a connection, your own way of relating to one or several of these moments. 

April 2nd - April 30th 2022 at Guild Studio, Napa, CA. Medium used: gouache, ink and paper collage.


From left to right:

1. Resilience  2. Essence  3. Dilemma  4. Control  5.Metamorphosis  6. Balance  7. Exposed  8. Manage  9. Uncertainty  10. Cathartic

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